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RetroWON: 3rd Annual Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt

The 3rd Annual Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt is in the books, as a roaring success. I had the honor of attending this hunt, where 40 women set afield with guides, mentors and a tremendous support team back at the Ranch at Ucross, near Clearmont, Wy., to hunt pronghorn antelope. For some, it would be their first time behind a gun and aimed at game.

The Wyoming Women’s Foundation grants funding to Wyoming organizations that help women and girls attain economic self-sufficiency and supports system change to eliminate barriers.

From start to finish, we could not have been in better hands. Kate Smith, Sarah Kinsella, Rebekah Smith and the women who serve on the committee and hence, volunteer, for the event, had thought of everything — down to the Crazy Woman water on ice. And the setting? Couldn’t have been more perfect. The weather even cooperated, offering up warm temperatures with little wind.

The Wyoming Game & Fish Department arrived to mentor and guide at the sight-in event, held before the hunt.  Tristiana Bickford, Hunter Education Coordinator for the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, even hunted with a team. Remington Arms donated 8 bolt-action rifles, in model 783, to use as loaners. British Petroleum stepped into the role of title sponsor, helped by The Warren Ranch, Merlin Ranch, Smith & Wesson, Sinclair, EKO Flood System, Jimm Nelson, RMEF, Rusty’s Taxidermy, Wy. Game & Fish Department, Outlaw Inn, Cynthia Chace Gray, Wyoming Business Report, Sheridan Media, Cloud Peak Energy, L&H Industrial, Modern Electric Col, RLG Internation, Big Horn Beverage, Groathouse Construction Inc. Several area businesses and national outdoor-related businesses donated valuable auction items, which benefit the Foudation.

The main benefits, though, could not be added up on a machine or piece of paper. Women found new friends, mentors and learned about the tradition of hunting. For those of us who already hunt, it’s always like the first time all over again, to see and hear the stories and witness a new hunter’s joy as she realizes she can now connect to nature, fill her freezer with healthy meat and share a story about her experience of bringing that meat to the table with guests and family.

Because a photo tells the true story, please enjoy this gallery that will take you behind the scenes at the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt. It was so much more than tagging out.
You may see the official photos at the Foundation’s Facebook page.


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