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Meet Becky Wolfert, an American Well Armed Woman

Becky Wolfert listened to “The Women’s Gun Show” podcast and entered the “Fan of the Month” contest in August. She will be featured in an interview on Episode #21 of the popular weekly podcast, sponsored by Ruger, and also, we thought you’d like to learn more about her.

Becky Wolfert

Becky Wolfert

Here are Becky’s words, describing her choice to be an armed citizen.

I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist and also a Certified Equine Massage therapist.

Three words that describe my attitude toward being able to shoot safely and competentely are important, positive and confident.

My son, daughter-in-law and I took our concealed carry class together. My son and I recently took an Insight Deadly Accuracy class together.  Back in the ’90’s I was a deputy with our mounted posse but it had been many years, probably 25 years, since I had done any shooting at all.

I shoot with a S & W 9mm Shield. I’m thinking about a Glock 27. Not really sure. I’m really enjoying target shooting and would like to maybe try some beginners’ competition in the future. I’ve always wanted to learn skeet shooting, too. I would like to go to the United States Concealed Carry Association convention sometime and also, The Well Armed Woman training sometime in the future.

Everyday we hear of something terrible on the news. Just recently, 9 people stabbed in a mall and more bombings in New York. We need to have some protection for ourselves and our families. Our police officers can’t be everyplace in a matter of seconds. Concealed carry is so important to help prevent some of these tragedies. I think all of the schools should have trained armed teachers and officers present.

I can get on a roll about how important I think concealed carry is in our world today. I’ve had an excellent instructor. Taking our guns away is going to leave us all as sitting ducks!

Listen to “The Women’s Gun Show” here at The WON.

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