WON Landing Page March 2022

#HuntingwithJR: Duck Hunting Tips 101

If you are thinking about duck hunting, Judy Rhodes has to tips to help you get started.


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Did you know?

Small ducks have a triple in their species:  Blue, teal and cinnamon wing. All can be found in the continental United States.

TIP:  Ducks flap their wings continuously until they commit to land.  Watch for this, because it helps distinguish them amongst protected birds.



Did you know?

Ducks are not in full plumage until later in the season.

TIP:  Let your ducks commit or fly within 40 yards prior to shooting.  Biggest mistake hunters make is misjudging the distance and shooting too early. I always suggest that you wait till you see the “whites of their eyes!”

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    Judy Rhodes, the Voice of Women in the Outdoors is an outdoor visionary and mentor to women and youth in the outdoors. Judy, Founder of DIVA ... Women Outdoors Worldwide is the largest women's ONLY outdoor organization. DIVA WOW is a non-profit 501(c)3 unique all volunteer sisterhood dedicated to encouraging women to discover their outdoor passion.