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The Survival Mom: Spring Into Summer Preparedness

Each season brings with it its own optimal timing for certain aspects of preparedness. With summer a few weeks away, it’s time to take full advantage of the warm, sunny days ahead.


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Plant something!

A garden is the obvious choice, but what about shrubs and trees planted in strategic locations? The longest growing days are ahead, and now is the time to think ahead two or three years in your planning.

· Where do you need thorny bushes and other plants to create a natural barrier for a more secure home and property?

· Where might shade trees come in handy for helping to keep your home cool and power bills down during the summer?

· Which herbs do you use most often in your cooking? Plant them now and dehydrate your harvest throughout the summer for fresh-tasting home-grown herbs throughout the year.

De-clutter something!

I can’t over-emphasize the importance of de-cluttering your living space. We think that things bring us comfort, but the opposite is true. We can get easily overwhelmed by our belongings and their maintenance, and soon they own us! Have you ever wondered why a stay at a hotel or resort is always so relaxing? One reason is that we’re not surrounded by things we have to clean, dust, arrange, insure, secure, fix, and worry about.

Start with the room or part of the house you use the least. Even if it’s a closet or a set of cupboards, if you rarely access them, chances are their contents have little importance to your day-to-day life. Here’s a free preview of a great online book to get you going, The Get Organized Answer Book.

Clean something!

Since it’s time for spring cleaning anyway, why not begin using all-natural, homemade cleaning products? It’s much safer, easier, and cheaper to stock up on ingredients like vinegar, lemon juice (or lemon powder), dish soap, and baking soda. A few essential oils, such as teatree oil or orange blossom, will make your new solutions fragrant and pleasant to use. Check out these websites for some great recipes:  How to make a non-toxic cleaning kit and Recipes for natural cleaning products.

Motivate someone!

Kids will soon be out of school with lots of spare time on their hands.  This is the best time of year, then, to introduce them to a new skill or hobby.  If it’s a practical skill that could become important to your family’s preparedness, so much the better.  Even little ones can have their own gardens, with each plant and herb labeled.  Older kids can help with canning, pickling, and jelly making.  (Pickling cucumbers are in season right about now.)  Think about all the skills you wish you knew.  Now, why can’t your family and friends learn them together?  If you need suggestions, check out my past Skill of the Month list.

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