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The ‘How-To’ Gun Girl: LA Police Gear Women’s Tactical Pants Gear Review

Tactical pants are the modern day “cool kid” version of cargo pants. They fit a ton of gear and are extra durable. Most of my guy friends have known this for quite a while, and they rock this style of trousers daily. As a lady it’s been a big challenge to find equivalently useful pants that balance both style and cost. A girl’s got to look good, right? 😉

Cue the LA Police Gear women’s tactical pants product line, which currently consists of the Women’s Operator Tactical Pants (MSRP $22.99) and Women’s Stretch Ops Pants (MSRP $24.99). The Operator Tactical Pants are the typical tactical pants – they have eight pockets, a slightly more straight-leg fit, and a few v-loops to clip carabiners to. The Stretch Ops Pants are a more modern take on the tactical pant concept, with a slightly more fitted waist and leg.

What follows is a review of the features, fit, and overall feel of the LA Police Gear women’s operator pants. I was between six and eight months pregnant while reviewing these pants, so they fit me a bit differently than the average woman. This review includes details about how I wore these non-maternity pants with my growing belly. Since most women who would be interested in a review of tactical pants are unlikely to be pregnant, I contacted fellow shooter and writer Annette Stevens-Doerr to try out the pants and give feedback, too. Annette blogs over at WeShoot2 and gets to the range frequently, so her comments are pretty insightful regarding the everyday wear of these pants.

I received these pants from the manufacturer for the purpose of this review. I have not been compensated for the review, and all opinions are my own.

Tactical Pants

Me and my eight month baby bump in the LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants, with pockets stuffed full of things that will not fit in maternity pants. (Josh Monroe photo)


As previously stated, while I reviewed these pants I was between six and eight months into my first pregnancy. After a few months of wearing maternity pants, which are notoriously pocketless, I loved the practicality of these pants. I have my own method of wearing “normal” pants while pregnant, using an elastic headband and a long tank top. This method worked better on the Operator Tactical Pants than the Stretch Ops Pants, since the Operator Tactical Pants have some elastic in the back of the waistband. The Stretch Ops Pants tended to slide down during the day as I wore them in this way, but I did not encounter that at all with the Operator Tactical Pants.

Tactical Pants

This is my method for wearing “regular” pants as maternity pants. I use an elastic headband for running tied to a belt loop. I wrap it around the belt loop on the other side of the zipper then back around to loop it over the button. Then I pull a long tank top down over it. (The “How-To” Gun Girl photo)


The pants shipped quickly from LA Police Gear, arriving at my doorstep within three days of placing the order. The price on these pants is incredibly reasonable, and significantly lower than similar pants from other brands. Both styles come in regular and long lengths with options in black, khaki, coyote, OD green, and navy.

As far as sizing goes, I ended up reading the reviews on the LA Police Gear sites for each pair of pants and ordering up a size from my typical size 10 or 12. With the size 14 I had no problem fitting my legs, my butt, or (part of) my belly into either style of pants. Annette found that she had to order up one size from typical on the Operator Tactical Pants and two sizes up from typical on the Stretch Ops Pants. According to Annette, the Stretch Ops Pants are “more midrise than the Operator Tactical Pants and fit tight across the hips but gap in the waist (which would make it easy to carry at 6 o’clock!).”

Both Annette and I ordered the regular length pants in each style. At 5’5″ and 5’6″ respectively, we both really liked the regular length on both styles of pants.

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