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RetroWON: How to Make a Shotgun-Shell, Lighted Wreath

In this retro-WON piece, Babbs walks you through how to make a shotgun-shell, lighted wreath.

Throughout her lifetime, my daughter and I have spent time making things. When she was a little girl, we always made crafty things at Christmas. Often, her brothers would participate. The list included homemade bread dough ornaments, stitchery projects, flax bags and of course, kitchen creations – buckets and Tupperware containers full of cookies and candies for all to enjoy.

So this year, since she’s moved back to live near us, we decided to make a wreath similar to a shotgun shell wreath that Natalie, at Girls Guide to Guns, featured recently. Except, I wanted it to have some greenery in it.

It was a fun project, and took us about 2 hours total.

shotgun shells


  • Three-foot wide, fake green wreath with lights (K-Mart, on sale for $34)
  • Strand of 100 clear lights ($4)
  • Shotgun shells in assorted sizes and colors (free from local range)
  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Bow ($4)
  • One bottle Chardonnay (for the wreath makers)


    • Lay out a proper staging area for your wreath making. We used the basement floor and spread old dog food bags down to catch the drippy glue.
    • Open the bottle of wine. Pour glasses for everyone involved.
schnauzer and shotgun wreath

Daughter and Rosie, the schnauzer, who supervised.

    • Also, we chose to work to “Mannheim Steamroller Christmas” music for its fast pace.
    • Start at opposite ends of the light strand and put a touch of glue on the plastic part, not the light bulb. Affix the hot glued light part to the inside of a shot shell. Put it about one-third of the way into the shell.
    • If refills are in order, pour another glass of wine.
    • Unplug the glue gun and call it a night.shotgun wreath
    • The next day, take the strand of lights in shot shells and wrap the wreath.shotgun wreath bow
    • Attach the bow.
    • Hang.Hanging a shotgun shell wreath
    • Plug it in.

11. Any wine left? Celebrate and enjoy the festive wreath made from recycled shot shells.shotgun shell wreath project

This RetroWON piece first appeared in Dec. 2012.

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