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The Women’s Gun Show Episode #77: Low Light to No Light Training

On this week’s show, Barbara Baird will talk to the firearms trainer Mike Ross, about how to train for low light to no light shooting. Carrie Lightfoot joins Barbara to discuss cool products and what’s happening now in the world of shooting. Julie Golob weighs in with her Tip Time, The show’s sponsors include Ruger and NRA Women.

carrie studio Carrie has been filming “Warrior Woman Workout” the past week. Watch for more info to come about this valuable exercise program.

low light targetBarb has been on the range with the show’s guest, Mike Ross, during low light to no light training.

Topic: Low Light to No Light Training

Mike Ross on the range

NRA trainer Mike Ross, who also is former law enforcement and Marine Corps MP, talks to Barb about the importance of training in the dark. Also, Ross, who is the lead instructor at Rough Country Outdoors Shooting Range, Missouri, is the lead instructor for The Well Armed Woman chapter there. To phone Mike Ross for training purposes, call 417-349-1011.


Tip Time with Julie Golob: Sponsored by NRA Women.

tip time julie golob shooting in cold
In this show, competition shooting champion Julie Golob talks about the cold in a series, and about working with your gear in cold weather.

Cool Products

streamlight flashlightCarrie found a Streamlight TLR 2 for your gun. ($279)

blackhawk ally flashlightBarb uses a BlackHawk! tactical light for low light shooting drills.

TWAW Product of the Week – TASER STRIKELIGHT

Taser-StrikelightCarrie thinks this Taser/flashlight combo is the bomb, but only if your state allows such a weapon. ($129.95)

The WON’s post of the week: Low-Light Situations: Helpful Tips and Tools

Read more about how to train and deal with low light situations and shooting.

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