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Springfield Armory Hits the Road with SLG2

Did you hear Springfield Armory’s exciting news? It has decided to hit the road with the Shoot Like A Girl (SLG2) trailer. Women, ages 16 and older, who stop by the trailer will have the opportunity to put their hands on a few of Springfield Armory’s firearms especially designed for concealed carry. 


Gear Up is sponsored by Springfield Armory

Although the SLG2 program began as a place to learn how to shoot a bow back in 2008 through its Test Flights program, it evolved to include firearms in 2013.  

SLG2 Trailer Cabelas

Springfield Armory signed on as a corporate sponsor with Shoot Like A Girl’s trailer, aka its mobile range. This state-of-the-art, 53-foot semi-tractor trailer offers women a chance to handle firearms in a safe, controlled, female-friendly environment. It features a military grade firearms simulation and a live archery range. 

SLG2 Springfield Armory

(Dan Vancil at Delta Vector Aerial photo)

Women visiting the SLG2 unit are given the opportunity to handle Springfield Armory’s XD-E and 911 pistols and compare them to other firearms at the Shoot Like A Girl gun counter, located outside of the trailer under an awning. 

SLG2 Trailer Springfield 911

(Dan Vancil at Delta Vector Aerial photo)

Inside the trailer, NRA-certified instructors cover basic firearms safety, such as trigger safety and keeping the muzzle pointed downrange. Then they go into fundamentals and work with women on stance, grip, trigger control, breathing, sight picture and follow-through. It’s the bare-bone basics to familiarize women with the firearms and get them on the right track. 

This stepping stone allows those who may have a fear of firearms from past experiences to feel comfortable and safe as they receive an introduction, with little to no recoil and no loud noises.

SLG2 Trailer Karen Butler Shoot Like a Girl

Although the instructors in the SLG2 trailer don’t have the time to go into detail, they encourage participants to find classes at their own localities if they want to pursue owning firearms. Instructors stress responsible gun ownership and the benefits of firearms. They answer questions about safe firearms storage, as well.

Recently I asked my friend, Susan Hansen, a SLG2 instructor, what she enjoys about working in the trailer. She replied,

“The Shoot Like A Girl trailer is the perfect trifecta for women in the shooting sports: Safety, education and empowerment by women, for women.”


SLG2 REbecca Bass Pro Shops

When asked about the partnership between Springfield Armory and SLG2, Springfield VP of Marketing Steve Kramer said,

“Springfield Armory works tirelessly to provide our customers with the highest quality and best featured firearms possible. We are excited to partner with Shoot Like A Girl to introduce our award winning products to women around the nation who seek to arm themselves for concealed carry and home defense use.”

The goal of the SLG2 trailer is to grow the number of women in the shooting sports across the country and empower them with confidence. To find out when the Shoot Like A Girl Trailer will be in your area, check out their schedule here. 

SLG2 Trailer Table

Watch The WON’s social media for SLG2 appearances and experiences throughout the summer months.


SLG2 Schedule & Events

JUL 21: Bass Pro Shops, Portage, IN

JUL 22: Cabela’s, Hammond, IN

AUG 3-5: Texas Trophy Hunters, Houston, TX

AUG 10-12: Texas Trophy Hunters, Fort Worth, TX

AUG 16-18: Bass Pro Shops NRA Nights at Bristol Motor Speedway, Bristol, VA

SEP 8: Cabela’s, Hazelwood, MO

SEP 9: Bass Pro Shops, Hazelwood, MO

SEP 21: Corporate Event, Springfield, MO

SEP 22-23: Bass Pro Shops, Springfield, MO

SEP 28: Corporate Event, Prescott, AZ

OCT 12-14: Bass Pro Shops, Memphis, TN

OCT 27: Bass Pro Shops, Savannah, GA

OCT 28: Cabela’s, Augusta, GA

NOV 10-11: Bass Pro Shops, Tallahassee, FL

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The Conversation

  • Brian Launer says: July 1, 2018 at 3:43 pm

    Why is the SLG2 program avoiding the West Coast where it is highly needed? Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah visits would certainly help the intro of shooting to women and enhance the local industry overall

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