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Gun Review: The GLOCK 48

During SHOT Show 2019, GLOCK announced its 2 new Slimline CCW models: the GLOCK 43X and the GLOCK 48. With the popularity of the GLOCK 43 and the demand for a higher capacity single-stack GLOCK, these models were greatly anticipated. Although the new GLOCKS were in response to the very popular SIG P365, I was personally more excited about the G48 for different reasons. 

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My preferred training gun is the GLOCK 19 – that is slightly too big for my small hands. Several years ago, I had the grip of my G19 reduced and the grooves smoothed out, but I wished for a G19 frame in a single-stack. Would this GLOCK be the gun of my dreams? A gun large enough to train with, small enough to conceal? I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one!

G48 in Case

The G48 comes in a standard black, hard case (with no holes for locks, so you cannot use them for airplane travel) with 2 slim 01 magazines that hold 10 rounds each with orange followers for easy visibility. The black frame has a silver-colored nPVD-coated slide with front and back serrations. The slide has a slightly wider gap that shows a round in the chamber without conducting a press check. It comes with a gun safety lock, a cleaning brush and a simple single stack mag-loader. 

GLOCK 48 Mag versus GLOCK 43 Mag
GLOCK 48 Mag versus GLOCK 43 Mag

According to the website, the G48 has a 4.17-inch barrel and 6.85-inch slide, with an overall length at 7.28 inches. The slide comes in at 0.87 inch wide and overall, the frame is 1.1-inch, which makes it a comfortable low-profile option. The new Slim 01 magazines are single-stacked and interchangeable with the G43X, but not the G43 nor the G19. The grip length is the same as the G19 at 5.04 inches, but at 1.10-inch width, it feels like the G19 on a diet! Unloaded with an empty magazine, the G48 weighs in at 20.74 ounces, compared to the G19 at 23.63 ounces. The trigger pull measures 5.5 pounds, with a trigger reach of 2.54 inches and a crisp reset at 3.3 pounds. It comes with either standard fixed sights, night sights (GNS) or AmeriGlo BOLD Sights. The standard model I tested had throwaway notch sights that begged for replacement with my favorites, which will be put on tout-de-suite! 

Comparison of G19 and G48
Comparison of G19 and G48

I broke in the gun during a couple of weeks with more than 250 rounds of a variety of target ammo (Blazer, Fiocchi, Winchester, Remington, Magtech). Like the G43X, I had to adjust it to a 6 o’clock hold to get centered. I didn’t have any glitches or malfunctions at all. What I did notice, however, was that I tended to drift to the left while shooting at a faster cadence. I did a little research and found some other reviewers with a similar pattern – possibly due to the slimmer grip and larger slide. Whatever the case, higher thumbs and a more firm support hand grip reduced that issue. The handgun performed very consistently and was not uncomfortable to shoot. The slide is easy to manipulate and all the controls (slide lock and magazine release) are within reach. 

Accuracy testing Target

G48 Accuracy Test Results in Inches

I tested the accuracy at 7 yards from a bench-rest position on some standard AP-2 targets. The test consisted of 5-round groups a total of 5 times for each type of ammo. I used ball ammunition and then some personal defense rounds. I feel like I did not shoot my best and got larger groupings than I did with the G43X. 

Remington UMC, Full Metal Jacket, 115 grain: largest group – 2; smallest group –  1.125; average –  1.45

Blazer Brass, FMJ, 115 grain: largest group v 1.75; smallest group –  1.25; average –  1.45

Magtech, FMJ, 115 grain: largest group –  1.875; smallest group  – 1.125; average –  1.615

Barnes Tac-XPD, 9mm +P, Techni-Crom-plated Hollow Point 115 grain: largest group –  1.75; smallest group – 1.25; average –  1.5


Why do I think women will like this gun? The first,  and best, reason is because GLOCK puts out guns that are reliable, durable and accurate. This gun is very shoot-able, has manageable recoil, enough real estate for big hands, but not too for large for small ones. I really like that though it is a compact size, it offers a fuller firing grip, making it a great option if you want to carry one of the smaller GLOCKS and train with the same handgun platform or if you make it your primary concealed handgun. Will this replace my G19? So far, I like it a lot, but it’s hard to give up the 15+1 capacity and the familiarity of my G19. Maybe with new sights, a good holster and a couple thousand rounds I can make the switch. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying this sweet shooter and I strongly recommend checking it out. 

GLOCK 48 price: $580 MSRP (street price around $500)

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