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Kid Friendly Cooking 101: The Benefits of Cooking with Children

Since many people have kids at home for the next few weeks we thought these kid friendly cooking ideas from EReplacementParts may come in handy. ~MC

Kid-Friendly Cooking Benefits of Cooking with Children
Kid-Friendly Cooking

For most adults, the thought of spending kitchen time with children seems daunting. After all, cooking and baking is a grown-up job, right? Well, not always. Having kids participate is one of the best experiences you can provide for them. Remember, they are watching and learning from you, even if you do not realize it.

Making food together yields countless immediate and lifelong benefits, enriching their lives from an early age. But this does not mean a child needs to be relegated to flipping pancakes and grilling sardines. With the right approach and recipes, you can make the kitchen a kid friendly space. Here’s how.

Kid-Friendly CookingBenefits of Cooking with Children
Benefits of Cooking with Children

Benefits of Cooking with Children

Family Time

In the blink of an eye, your kids will grow up and move out – even if you do not want to admit it. Quality time together is crucial, and this is where cooking together comes in. It creates opportunities to make memories while offering a children a meaningful form of exploration. It also doubles as a learning experience unmatched by toy shopping and television. And despite the hustle and bustle of everyday life, making meals together returns the focus to what’s important.

Math Practice

Cooking and baking gives kids (and adults) a chance to practice basic math. It’s not intense – simple addition and multiplication is applied when measuring or combining ingredients. Even younger children can exercise basic counting. This will help kids understand that math is actually useful in life – and maybe their math teacher is not evil, after all.

Life Skills

Spending time in the kitchen will teach your kids basic life skills. For example, they will learn how to use simple kitchen utensils and the right way to wash vegetables. This knowledge will follow them into adulthood, helping them learn the ropes for their own future kitchen. Plus, they will gain knowledge of the cooking process along with an appreciation for food.

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