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Make Your Own Positive Mindset Tree

Are you searching for a way to develop a positive mindset for yourself or your children? I suggest creating a positive mindset tree and getting outside for a walk to enjoy the beauty of nature!

Positive Mindset Tree Craft

Positive Mindset Tree Recipe List

You will need:

  • tree branch or wood piece
  • small rocks
  • pot for the tree
  • markers
  • paper of choice (I used a brown paper bag)
  • hole puncher
  • scissors
  • ribbon, twine, yarn or string
  • newspaper
Positive Mindset Tree Walk

First, go on a nature walk and find your tree branch or piece of wood and some small rocks (to put in the pot to hold the branch or wood piece in place). While on your walk, either think or talk about these sentence starters:  I’m thankful for …, I’m looking forward to …, and I put a smile on someone’s face by … .

Next, assemble your tree branch, or piece of wood, into the pot of your choice. Place the rocks in the pot to secure your branch or piece of wood (can also add crumpled newspaper for stability).

Then, cut rectangles of the paper of your choice (I used a brown paper bag) and punch a hole in a corner of the paper. Use the sentence starters for your tree and write down your thoughts.

  • I’m thankful for … (write a T)
  • I’m looking forward to … (draw a magnifying glass)
  • I put a smile on someone’s face by … (draw a smiley face)
Positive Mindset Tree Tags

Finally, take your choice of ribbon, twine, yarn or string and tie a loop into the corner of your paper. Add your finished rectangle writings to your “positive mindset tree” and enjoy!

For a little color, I’ve shown decorating the tree with various ribbons. I think this could easily be tailored to each season!

Positive Mindset Tree Ribbon

A Little Bit More about the Positive Mindset Concept                                                    

When I‘m spending time with my grandchildren, I sometimes ask them if they did anything to put a smile on someone’s face. One day, when I was talking with my granddaughter, she said to me, “Grandma, I put a smile on someone’s face today.” I asked how, and she said she played with a friend that she doesn’t usually play with at school. To me, that’s proof that our conversations about positive mindset are working!

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Brenda Boschee Dronen

Brenda Dronen is a mom, grandmother, educational consultant in reading, retired elementary teacher of 33 years and lover of the great outdoors. Watch for her creative crafts bringing the great outdoors inside, which she often pairs with reading recommendations. 

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