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Ashlee Lundvall Appointed Commissioner to Wyoming’s Game & Fish

We extend our most heartfelt congratulations to TeamWON writer Ashlee Lundvall, who has been appointed as Commissioner to Wyoming Game & Fish Department. She will represent the Big Horn Basin.

Ashlee Lundvall

Ashlee brings years of experience as an advocate for the outdoors to the new role. Part of her platform as Ms. Wheelchair USA, in 2013, found her advocating for physically challenged people to be able to participate in and enjoy more fully being outdoors. Ashlee, who suffered a paralyzing accident as a teenager, knows firsthand about what life is like when there are such debilitating challenges. In fact, she even wrote a book, “A Redefined Life: Lessons From A Pitchfork,” detailing her comeback — from the hospital bed to the track chair.

Ashlee lives in Cody, Wyoming, with her husband, Russ, and daughter, Addison. She serves on several charity boards, and participates in the annual Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt, hosted by the Wyoming Women’s Foundation.

In a recent interview with the “Powell Tribune” about the appointment, Ashlee said, ““I used to not be a huge fan of anything to do with politics. But what I’m finding out is, that’s where the real decisions are made and where real differences can be made.”

Lundvall and titus
Ashlee Lundvall and Ruger ambassador Kristy Titus on a “redemption elk hunt,” that Ashlee wrote about last year at The WON.

Ashlee is no stranger to boards and organizations, having served on the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition during Pres. Donald Trump’s term, along with an NRA Outreach committee. She also is a national pro staffer for the camo company, Mossy Oak, and a brand ambassador for SilencerCo.

Fortunately, for us at The WON, Ashlee is a regular contributor to this publication. We look forward to seeing the direction that this new endeavor takes her in life, and we hope she knows that she has an entire bleachers full of cheering and adoring fans from the readers and the rest of TeamWON.

Learn more about Ashlee Lundvall at her website.

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