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Pebble Art: A Quick and Easy Father’s Day Gift

This week’s craft is an art project in honor of the upcoming holiday: Father’s Day. It is a quick and easy project that can be completed by most ages of kiddos (some supervision/assistance required with the younger tots, since we’ll use a hot glue gun). I came across this listing at Etsy, which I used as the inspiration for this pebble art activity. 

Keep reading for the simple step-by-step instructions to make these fun pieces of art. They can be tailored to each dad’s personality and favorite outdoor hobby. The example father I used for this post is one who loves to fish, but I also plan to make one for a motorcycle-riding dad and a man who loves to use his chainsaw. Grab some pebbles and let your creativity (and the hot glue) flow!

Pebble Art Up Close

How to Make Pebble Art

Here are the simple instructions to make this loveable keepsake. 

Pebble Art Materials List

  • Assorted pebbles and twigs
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wooden easel (one per canvas)
  • Stretched canvas (I used 4-inch x 4-inch)
  • Fine tipped permanent marker

Pebble Art Instructions

1 First, collect various pebbles, stones and twigs. I snuck out during my kids’ afternoon naptime, and searched that backyard within the extents of the baby monitors. I was able to find a great selection of rocks, pebbles and sticks. 

Collected Pebbles

2 Begin to layout your materials on your canvas. While you play with the position of the stones and twigs, plug in your glue gun to begin warming it up. After placing my pebbles in a fashion to create a “man” sitting on a rock at the edge of a pond, I realized I needed a different shape of stone to complete the figure. 

Laying out the Stones

Back outside I went, baby monitors clipped to each pocket. It didn’t take me long to track down the perfect pebble – it even looked like a boot. 

Adding the Leg Pebble

3 When you are satisfied with the placement of all materials, carefully tack each component to the canvas with a dab of hot glue. Remember, a little bit goes a long way. The less glue you use, the less glue strings you’ll have to clean up at the end of the project. 

4 Using your fine-tipped permanent marker, sketch in any details on the canvas that you’d like to see. I debated adding a straw hat, but decided against it since the recipient rarely wears anything but a baseball hat. 

Fine Tip Permanent Marker for Details

All done! Be sure to photograph your creations and tag us when you post the masterpieces on your social media accounts (#WONphoto). Happy Father’s Day!

Pebble Art Final Photo 1
Pebble Art Final Photo 2

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