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How to Make Your Own Stained Glass Valentine Cards

This week’s craft helps get us ready for Valentine’s Day. These simple, colorful and fun Valentine cards are easy to make and customize. The sky’s the limit with the “stained glass” heart colors, and the materials we use are leftover from some of our other projects (skip to the bottom for more info). Hope you enjoy!

Stained Glass Valentines Final 2
DIY Stained Glass Valentine Cards

Stained Glass Valentine Cards Materials

You will need:

Getting Started

Begin by coloring coffee filters, making about one per card. To protect the table from the markers bleeding through the coffee filter, I placed this silicone mat at my toddler’s work area.

Coloring the Coffee Filter
Coloring the coffee filters

Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper. Place the colored coffee filters on top, and spray each with a water bottle until they are all fully saturated.

Wetting the Coffee Filters
Spraying the coffee filters
Wet Coffee Filters
Wet coffee filters on waxed paper

Allow the coffee filters to dry fully; this took about two hours.

Dried Coffee Filters
Dried coffee filters

Because we are insinuating stained glass, any drip marks that dry actually add to the effect! Which is good, because we seemed to have quite a few in our final product.

Making the Valentine Cards

Next, draw hearts on the front of your card. If you want perfectly symmetrical heart shapes, use a heart cookie cutter as a guide. I just freehanded my hearts. Then, use your scissors to carefully cut out each heart shape. Last, tape portions of your coffee filters behind each heart to create a “stained glass” look.

Draw Hearts on Valentines
Sketching the hearts
Heart 1 Valentine Collage
Creating the first heart …
Heart 2 Valentine Collage
Filling in the second …
Heart 3 Valentine Collage
Last, but not least …

Feel free to experiment with heart size and placement.

2 Hearts Valentine Collage
Double heart Valentine
1 Heart Valentine Collage
One big heart

All done! Sign, seal and deliver with a hug and kiss.

Stained Glass Valentines Final 1
Stained Glass Valentines Final 3

Keep Craftin’

Did you love making this craft? If so, you will enjoy creating these beautiful butterflies, using the same materials. Follow this link for the tutorial on our Children’s Colorful Craft: Coffee Filter Butterflies.

Colorful Coffee Filter Butterflies Flat Lay

Do you have leftover white greeting cards? Check out our post with simple decorating instructions for using these to create unique thank you notes: The Importance of Writing Thank You Cards.

Thank You Card 2
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