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Aimee Langdon Explains the Why of LTT Discover

Five years ago, I never knew how much my life could change by joining my husband to work at Langdon Tactical Technology (LTT). I thought I would be chasing my kid around, coaching fitness and hiking whenever possible. Today, I am an outdoor enthusiast who wants to help empower women to protect themselves and their loved ones.   

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As I entered the firearms industry, I was confronted with two groups of people. One group was experienced, tactical, and looking to add an edge to their performance. The other was inexperienced, unfamiliar and looking for guidance. I related to the second group immensely because I didn’t know where to find the resources that would educate but not intimidate me. I could always recognize the gap, but it wasn’t until there were millions of new gun owners in 2020 that I felt the call to find, compile and supply resources for this community.  

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LTT Discover

This year, we launched LTT Discover, which is an educational platform that provides resources to guide, educate and truly empower people to feel confident in their everyday lives. We have teamed up with experts in multiple fields to put together resources that encompass mental and physical well-being and everyday protection to help people along their journeys. LTT Discover meets individuals where they are, understanding that their goals and motivations may vary greatly.  

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A part of LTT Discover focuses on fitness, and as a coach myself, I recognize the position of vulnerability that a person must put themselves in. Individuals come with a goal of becoming more confident or performing at a level they set for themselves, but the reality is showing up for yourself is an accomplishment to be proud of.  

I want to see the same happen for the millions of people in fitness and firearms. I want people to have more confidence in themselves. I want people to discover they can end up in places they never thought were possible – just like I did.  

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About Aimee Langdon 

Aimee is the Vice President of Business Development & Operations at LTT. Langdon is well-versed in global business with over 11 years of professional sales & marketing experience, specializing in law enforcement, federal agency and international relationship management. Langdon launched LTT Discover, a free educational platform to help people be prepared to protect and preserve what is most important, ready to do what may be uncomfortable, and discover what’s possible. Langdon, an accomplished athlete with three CrossFit certifications, is passionate about fitness and currently serves as Fitness Coach for Fit Society in Chandler, Arizona. She also competes in the Tactical Games Competitions as a challenge to educate herself more on fitness and firearms.  

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