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The Importance of Having a Last Minute Packing List

The Survival Mom tells us how to make a checklist for last minute things you should pack in case of an emergency. Even the most thoroughly-packed Go Bag will be missing some day-to-day use items. Make sure you have less decisions to make in the event of an emergency evacuation; read on to understand how to make an accurate checklist.

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On the wall of my dining room is one of my pride and joys—a beloved painting purchased during a trip to Venice. It’s the one thing in that room that I would want to save if I needed to evacuate. But it’s not something I can stuff into a Go Bag in advance. What I need for these and other things that don’t make sense to pack away or that I use on a daily basis is a last minute packing list.

Now I know you’ve heard more than enough about packing emergency kits, Bug Out Bags, Go Bags, or whatever else they may be called. I even have a list here on my site of what should be included.

Last Minute Packing List

However, in a scenario in which you’re running out the door, that pre-packed kit is going to be missing something. A lot of important somethings, actually, because many items can, and should, only be packed at the last minute.

In this article, we’ll cover how to create a checklist for last minute things that you use and enjoy daily that don’t make sense to pack in advance into an emergency kit.

The Importance of a Last Minute Packing List

Why You Want It

Not to beat a dead horse but it bears repeating: When an emergency hits, some of us must fight our natural inclination to run around like chickens with our heads cut off. This list is for all of us, but is ESPECIALLY helpful for those folks. You want a list to help you remember those things that you either can’t or don’t want to pack away in advance.

Continue reading, “The Importance of Having a Last Minute Packing List” from The Survival Mom here.

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