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HERCAMOSHOP reformulates personal care products for the outdoorswoman

“In response to user suggestions, HERCAMOSHOP™ has reformulated some of our scent-free personal-care products,” announced Shelly Ray, CEO.  Shelly continued, “After several months of sales, use and input from our customers we have made some changes that we think will improve the quality of our personal-care products.  We made these changes without having to increase our already budget-friendly pricing.”  Shelly added, “The body wash is now a scent-preventing formula, the shampoo is thicker, will produce more lather and is sulfate-free and lastly the conditioner is sulfate-free as well,”

All HERCAMOSHOP scent-free products are available on the website, http://www.hercamoshop.com  and in the retail store of HERCAMOSHOP™, located at 5118 W. 79th Street in Indianapolis, IN.

HERCAMOSHOP™ was founded in 2009 on the sole premise of providing a one-stop shopping experience… for women who REALLY hunt!

Contact: Jeff Ray

5118 W. 79th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46268

(317) 771-6903


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