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Becoming an Outdoors-Woman offers Belize Caribbean adventure

International Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) is going to Belize! The second annual Belize BOW Caribbean Adventure will be held March 8-16, 2014. Kayaking, snorkeling and exploring Mayan ruins are just a few of the trip highlights. Information and registration are available at www.uwsp.edu/cnr-ap/BOW/Pages/destinations.aspx. Also, watch for upcoming registration for the Baja BOW Island Adventure on the Sea of Cortez.

Check out the links to BOW programs across North America at www.uwsp.edu/cnr-ap/BOW/Pages/default.aspx. Workshops are filling quickly so don’t wait to sign up. All BOW programs welcome participants from other states and provinces. Grab a friend and do a road trip to BOW!

Photo courtesy of Becoming an Outdoors-Woman

Photo courtesy of Becoming an Outdoors-Woman

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