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#GivingTuesday: You can make a BIG difference with a small donation

Protect your passion this #GivingTuesday

When you contribute just $5 to the Trailblazer Adventure Program, you help more children experience the outdoors.



Can you commit $5 or more to the Trailblazer Adventure Program? 

Trailblazer gets kids outside to experience a bow in their hands and fish on their hooks. It strengthens a child’s passion for the outdoors and creates a pathway for families to make memories together. Trailblazer needs your help to ensure more youth and their families can experience what it truly feels like to be alive in the outdoors.

How many lives will you impact today? Make a difference now!


Donate $50 or more and receive a 40% discount on any item in the Alps Outdoorz line and the Delta Waterfowl Gear line at alpsooutdoorz.com


Your #GivingTuesday contribution will make a BIG impact!


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