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Henhouse Pottery – Complicating the Simple Life … One Bird at a Time

Julia Wilkins of Henhouse Pottery is a huntress. When she married her husband, Matt, she discovered that he was looking for a hunting partner, not  “someone to cook dinner back at camp and wash the dishes.” In his family, everybody hunted, not just his dad, so Matt grew up hunting with his Mom, too.

In the blog post that prompted The WON to include Henhouse Pottery as a Bloglight, Looking Out For the Next Generation of Women Hunters…Or, Raising Boys That Hunt With Girls, Julia explains the influence active women hunters can have on future generations of huntresses:

“Mothers teach their sons by example, and active female hunters can directly influence the future of women hunters by teaching our boys that girls belong in the field with them. As women, we need to reinforce the family aspects of hunting, teaching our children that deer hunting is not just for men, that it is not about drinking beer with the boys, shooting up the forest, and disrespecting the animals we’re there to harvest.”

Julia is a pottery instructor and lives the simple life with her husband and hunting partner, Matt, and their son, Quin, in Utah where they enjoy beekeeping, raise chickens and practice composting. You can read about the trials they endure and the joys they share as they pursue self-sufficient living on the Henhouse Pottery blog.

Julia Wilkins and son, Quin, from The Henhouse Pottery Blog

Julia Wilkins and son, Quin, from The Henhouse Pottery Blog

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