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NWTF encourages outdoorsmen to 'tread lightly!'

The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), in partnership with Tread Lightly! and the nation’s most influential hunting and shooting sports organizations, has released a series of print public service announcements (PSAs) encouraging responsible behavior on public land.

PA_shooting_foot_tnailThe PSAs are part of a much larger new education and outreach campaign called “Respected Access is Open Access.” Built on extensive research, the campaign is designed to reduce litter, property and natural resource damages, unsafe shooting practices and visitor conflicts as a means of helping to maintain, even enhance, access to public lands

NWTF members are encouraged to download the PSAs at and use them in their own outreach efforts. Overall, the “Respected Access is Open Access” campaign is an unprecedented movement that will include public service announcements, social networking, Web site resources, an online awareness course, trail kiosks, press coverage, and outreach at key events.

Members also will be encouraged to use these additional resources when they become available. The NWTF, along with other organizations, is helping fund the campaign. The group is seeking additional funding sources to achieve its education and outreach goals.

Tread Lightly! created the “Respected Access is Open Access” campaign at the request of the Federal Lands Hunting and Shooting Sports Roundtable. Members of the Roundtable include the NWTF, the Archery Trade Association, Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies, Boone & Crocket Club, Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, Izaak Walton League of America, National Rifle Association, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Pope & Young Club, Public Lands Foundation, Ruffed Grouse Society, Safari Club International and the Wildlife Management Institute, as well as the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and US Fish & Wildlife Service. More information about getting involved can be found at www.respectedaccess.org .

Founded in 1973, the NWTF is a national nonprofit conservation organization that has worked with wildlife agencies to restore wild turkey populations from 1.3 million wild turkeys in 1973 to nearly seven million today. Now, NWTF volunteers raise funds and work daily to improve critical wildlife habitat, increase access to public hunting land and introduce new people to the outdoors and hunting. To date, the NWTF and its partners have spent more than $286 million upholding hunting traditions and conserving nearly 14 million acres of wildlife habitat.

For more information about the NWTF visit www.nwtf.org or call (800) THE-NWTF.

More information about getting involved in the Respected Access campaign can be found at www.respectedaccess.org .

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