Próis® Hunting Apparel welcomes bowhunter Missy Sharrone to field staff

This past year has brought about many great and exciting opportunities for  Próis® Hunting Apparel. Of note, the folks at Prois are excited to introduce an amazing field staff to work in conjunction with its well-known pro staff. The Próis Field Staff brings together women in the industry that hunt hard and put its gear through the paces.  Most recently, Próis added bowhunter Missy Sharrone to its field staff.

proismissy11sMissy describes her journey to become a bowhunter: “Growing up, hunting seemed to be a man’s world. Tradition for me, at that time, was putting a snowsuit on over top of a skirt and hiking to the woods on Thanksgiving morning to scout for whitetail sign with my dad,” said Missy.

“Born in North Dakota and raised in northeastern Ohio, I’ve always enjoyed the woods of the Midwest. These same woods captivated my husband and son – I wanted to know why. So, I decided to tag along on a few hunts and find out what it was all about. I really enjoyed it and soon started hunting myself. I’ve been hooked ever since and later began working in the hunting industry.

“In order to become a better hunter, I began shooting my bow competitively. These practices lead to great successes both in tournaments and in the field. This helped me meet some great people and I was able to start sharing my knowledge and experiences. I quickly realized that I wasn’t just a gal in hunting clothes anymore, I was a serious bowhunter.

“In January 2009 I accepted an opportunity to work for ELITE Archery in Henrietta, New York. Handling internal sales and customer service allows me to work with some of the country’s top archery pro shops and shooters. It’s a lot of fun and I really enjoy sharing hunting stories and working with folks who are as passionate about archery as I am.”

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