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Rifle up and protect your cheek during hunting season

You know that fit is everything when it comes to guns. Without the proper fit you won’t be accurate and there’s a chance you might even find it a touch uncomfortable. This is especially true when getting the proper eye alignment and cheek fit to the stock of your rifle or shotgun. Once bitten, twice shy! BLACKHAWK! Has a variety of cheek pads to accommodate your needs and budget, but I’m telling you, I love the Urban Warfare IVS Performance Ventilating Cheek Pad. Not only does it help to relieve the need to “face around” until I get a comfortable fit, but it gives me the eye relief I need without straining my neck or shoulders. The really cool IVS compression molded technology in a spider design keeps the air circulating as well as keeping your cheek firmly on the pad. There is also a zippered utility pouch with an external ammo storage feature that makes packing your rifle or shotgun for a trek in the woods a lot less cumbersome. All this for only $46.99 – this could be a must have for your fall collection!

~Laura Burgess

cheekpadSee http://blackhawk.com/product/IVS-Performance-Cheek-Pad,608,662.htm

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