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Team Artemis readies for upcoming Campbell Outdoor Challenge in Illinois

Team Artemis, the all woman team comprised of Nancy Jo Adams and Marti Davis, are excited about the opportunity to try their skills in the Whitetail qualifying challenge at Campbell’s Illinois Whitetails in Carmi, Illinois, on October 24 through 30.  The team is proudly sponsored by Bass Pro Shops/RedHead, Women’s Outdoor News, Up North Journal and several various gear sponsors. This is an exciting opportunity that will give them experience of filming hunts for broadcast quality footage.

The Campbell Outdoor Challenge gives teams comprised of a hunter and a camera person the opportunity to compete against other teams proving their ability to capture the hunt and harvest on camera effectively. Campbell Cameras specializes in equipping outdoor enthusiasts with the proper video and audio equipment to capture the thrill of the hunt and offers video cameras and accessories, audio equipment, camera mount systems, video lights and editing software to make the perfect combination to fit any camera person’s needs.

newnancyjoFor Nancy Jo, this opportunity could not have presented itself at a better time. Nancy Jo was recently announced as the First Lady of Up North Journal. As field staff, Nancy Jo will be filming her hunts for the 2009-2010 season for UNJ’s Beyond the Wild and was researching cameras and equipment for that need. Up North Journal offers weekly podcasts and you will be able to listen to updates while Team Artemis is attending this challenge. You can find Nancy Jo’s blog link on the site and can read about the Team Artemis Campbell Outdoor Challenge experience as it unfolds.

Nancy Jo expressed that she likes the idea that Campbell Cameras can be a one-stop-shop to purchase everything that is necessary to film hunts in the field. She stated, “The Outdoor Filming Packages are perfect for someone like me who is new to the sport of filming hunts. I don’t have to worry about getting a camera and equipment that is virtually of no use to me as I would if buying at a big electronic store retailer. I can rest assured that Campbell Cameras is outfitting me with all the necessary items that I need for my intended purpose. ”

marti davis redheadMarti Davis, RedHead Pro Field Staff member, is a very integral part of Team Artemis — bringing her experience of filming hunts in the past and her successful harvest record to the team. Marti stated, “Filming a hunt is something I have tried before with low-end equipment and low-end results.  I look forward to filming Nancy Jo with Campbell Cameras’ broadcast quality equipment and getting some high-quality results.”

Listen to Nancy Jo and Marti in a podcast with Up North Journal (#131) here.


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