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Access your gear easily with EZ Access Gear: the EZ Yote Lanyard

There are few things that can get a hunter’s adrenaline pumping faster than seeing a coyote rapidly closing in on his or her position. When you have only a few critical seconds to make your move, the last thing you need to do is nervously fumble around for your calls, remotes or other essential items.

The handy and innovative EZ Yote Lanyard will keep your calls organized and within a hand’s reach at all times. You’ll never again have to dig through a gear bag or your oversized pockets in search of your calls and other items with coyotes a comin’.

ezlanyardWith the EZ Yote Lanyard, you can attach up to four calls at adjustable lengths and one remote to your clothing or equipment strapping. In addition to game calls, the EZ Yote Lanyard is also perfect for carrying your expensive dog trainer, GPS, flashlights, walkie-talkies, keys, cameras, cell phones, wind meters, compasses, small rangefinders and other essentials. All items can be removed and detached as needed.

The lanyard is made of soft, lightweight polyester webbing for comfort and years of use.


One lanyard with quick detach buckle

One phone cord assembly

One black key ring

Four call lanyards

Four sets of clips to attach and adjust calls and dog whistles

Take advantage of the EZ WingsLanyard’s ingenious design and make it a part of your essential coyote-hunting gear this season.

Available at select Scheels stores, at www.ezaccessgear.com, www.allpredatorcalls.com and at www.sportsmansguide.com.

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