WON Landing Page OCT 2022

And you thought they were just a bunch of gun nuts!

In Deb Ferns’ post here on The WON in Outside My Comfort Zone about Analysis Paralysis, she talked about the damage to legal gun ownership that many in the mainstream media have perpetuated with their constant anti-gun rhetoric. To a lot of people, the NRA is the bad boy behind the “gun nuts” that insist on retaining their second amendment rights as law-abiding American citizens.

NRABlog_LogoHere at The WON, we’d lay a bet that all those anti-gun fear-mongers have never bothered to visit the NRA Blog and actually looked at the many valuable programs available to hunters, competition shooters, law enforcement, youth, women and veterans. If you’ve visited the official NRA website but have never taken a look at the NRA Blog, do yourself a favor and check it out. The contributors are from a variety of backgrounds and represent a variety of shooting topics, all of which are aimed at the safe operation of a firearm. We are proud to add the NRA Blog to BlogLight this week. Go ahead, call us “gun nuts!”

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