WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Bob White offers 'Patience' in line of Small Fry Cards

Many of you use our note cards to stay in touch with your friends throughout the year, and particularly during the holiday season. We deeply appreciate your patronage.

With the holidays approaching, we’d normally send catalogs to everyone on our mailing list, but this year will be different. In an effort to use less paper and be more efficient, we’ll only send paper catalogs to those of you who request them. We’re counting on you to visit our website and place your orders on-line.

A box of Small Fry Cards makes a wonderful gift, and there’s no better way to express your friendship at this time of year than with a gift or card that’s truly meaningful.



We’re pleased to add a new holiday card to our selection. “Patience” was painted for Ducks Unlimited magazine and we think that it makes the perfect Christmas card for your duck hunting friends. We have also added three new note cards to our growing selection. Each of these images is available as a box of 16, or create you own selection of 16 note cards here.

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