Gear Court: Don't fear this BigFoot

barb-baird-out-standing-in-field2When you have finally collected all your gear, it’s time for the dreaded part of any trip – packing to leave. Whenever I hunt, I grab a BigFoot Bag to load camo, towels and other necessities. Billed as “the first and only bag to work when it’s empty,” this bag looks like a tarp when it’s open.

Therein lies its beauty. Tarps play many roles in the great outdoors – a groundcover one minute, a wind break the next, a leaf hauler later. You load, zip, clip, carry, then chuck this bag into the back of your truck or trunk. The BigFoot comes in several sizes and a choice of fabrics, including UV treated polyester, vinyl and polypropylene with a PE laminate. Colors vary and include camo.

Load. Zip. Clip. Carry. This is the model I use for my hunting trips.

Load. Zip. Clip. Carry. This is the model I use for my hunting trips.

If you don’t take this bag to the woods, take it to the water. And then unzip it, hang it up and hose it down. Roll it up when it’s dry and stash it away.

And, as for testing it … let’s just say it has popped out onto the turnstile at many an airport in the past few years. And we know who works on the runway and they don’t really give a flip about your baggage. Do I need to write more? This one gets a great review and a “you gotta have this one” tag. See

*This Gear Court reviewer received this product from BigFoot for free.

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