WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Gear Court: The verdict is in … the Winchester Blood Tracking Light is sentenced to death

terri_lee_pocernich1I bought this Winchester blood tacking light from Walmart.  I was very anxious to use it and see how it would fare, and I got my chance when I shot a 9-point buck on my birthday this year.

We had a fairly good blood trail to begin with, but the deer would leap long distances at times.  This flashlight was absolutely worthless.  If I had had another flashlight of any sort with me, the Winchester would still be in the woods.  (No, I really wouldn’t have, but the garbage would be my choice.)

Winchester flashlight The red and blue light would make any thin spot in the leaves look as if it were blood spots.  I had to keep asking my cameraman if this was blood or just the flashlight.  Nine times out of ten it was the flashlight.  If we had not had another light, we would have been on a total wild goose chase.

I really do not like writing negative reviews, but this is definitely a buyer be warned item.  I give it the death penalty. ~Terri Lee Pocernich

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