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Gear Review: A purse that a ‘gun tote’n mama’ will want

barb-baird-out-standing-in-field2 I’m uber picky about purses. I’m a leather snob most of the time, and have purchased purses from the major concealed carry leather purse makers in this country, Galco and Coronado included. If I didn’t want the ability to carry a concealed weapon, I’d be a Coach purse chick. I’m a purse snob.


Last year at the SHOT Show I met Jane Derning, from Gun Tote’n Mamas, a division of Kingport Industries and a certified women-owned enterprise. I like the products, but really didn’t get off the mark to order any of them. Then, at the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Phoenix last May, I talked to Jane again and decided to purchase two Raven shoulder pouches, in saddle tan and black leather. The day I received the order, about two months ago, I loaded up the tan bag and haven’t even switched to the black one yet. Gun Tote’n Mamas didn’t lie when they claimed the purse would become “butter soft” within weeks of use. It has, and I get compliments left, right and center on this purse.

GTM_99TN-draw_SMOne of the major problems with carry purses is that they are downright uncomfortable because of the weight distribution and poor strap design. The Raven has a wire-reinforced strap that stays on my shoulder. In fact, I don’t even “strap my baby” into a shopping cart any longer (shudder). I feel comfortable shopping away and moving around while wearing this purse. Other features include the zipper openings on three sides; zip it down either side to allow for access, or from the top. The holster design is sturdy and attractive and comes with Velcro on either side, so it can be a left- or right-handed access purse. Your choice; or, pull from the top. You may wear the purse across your chest if you feel like adding an extra measure of security, and guys, this could be a MAN bag. Seriously.

GTM_99_B_SM Inside the purse, it functions like a mini-Mary Poppins’ carpet bag – and features lots of pockets for keys, the “squirty stuff” (antibacterial bottle of goo) that I insist on taking along with me, wallet, checkbook and cell phone.

I give it a big old thumbs up. The Gun Tote’n Mamas say to “take control in style.” I like that motto and it shows with this product. See http://www.guntotenmamas.com/guntotenmamas_gtm99.html for more information. Several of the products have patents pending. Contact the mamas if you want to order one or two today. MSRP:  $79. ORDER DESK: 866-303-5463

~Barbara Baird

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