WON Landing Page OCT 2022

If you travel, don't forget your Filson

Are you looking for the perfect bag? Filson Luggage will give you top of the line luggage, that has the potential of lasting a lifetime.  Before becoming a Filson Bag, all of the fabric is soaked in a special paraffin – based wax making it highly water repellent.

Filson Wheeled Carry-On Suitcase at Hank's Clothing. On sale: $409.50

Filson Wheeled Carry-On Suitcase at Hank's Clothing. On sale: $409.50

Our Filson Luggage has been sold to many customers all around the world, we love hearing where they’ll be traveling, many have gone on hunting trips to Africa, some of our bags are used on a weekly basis for busniess travel, and some have been passed down from generation to generation.

No matter where you are traveling or how long you’ll be gone, we guarantee you one thing, you will love your Filson Luggage.

So take a look around and see which Filson Bag is for you. See Hanks Clothing for your Filson needs.

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