Arrowdynamic Solutions engineers a new 'dynamic' in broadhead dsign and performance

Year after year, bowhunters have tried one broadhead after another searching for the most accurate solution for obtaining a complete pass thru – and a successful, clean kill. That’s why the innovators at Arrowdynamic Solutions, leading manufacturers of advanced premium-quality broadheads, chose to fill this performance gap by designing a revolutionary new category of broadheads that is both incredibly accurate and lethal — the Atom™ broadhead. This cutting-edge broadhead not only has a unique look, its unmatched performance has been turning heads and dropping trophies all over North America and Africa.

TheAtom100Grain_LR050216The most elementary principles of physics indicate that a broadhead that is the most aerodynamic, and has a ‘cut on impact’ design that retains maximum velocity and pressure will achieve the greatest accuracy and penetration upon reaching its target — and that’s definitely the case with the Arrowdynamic Solutions Atom broadhead. Tested past 40 yards (twice as far as competitors), this amazing broadhead maintains perfect accuracy at speeds up to 1,000 feet per second. And, no matter what situation you’re in, or what problems you’re facing with your bow, the Atom broadhead’s unique design will pull through with precision every time.

The core of the Atom broadhead’s unique design is its titanium RazorWire™ technology, which provides shooters with a sharp leading edge and extreme durability that will outlast animal after animal. Its titanium RazorWire will stay sharp even while passing thru bone or mud packed on an animal’s hide. Plus, thanks to its unique RazorWire, the Atom is the world’s first broadhead that is completely safe to handle, and won’t be subject to accidental bow strings being cut or curious kids slicing their fingers upon touch.

The Atom broadhead provides superior penetration no other broadhead can match thanks to its compressible cutting width technology. Its titanium RazorWire provides the ability to compress the broadhead (reducing the length to width ratio) as it enters heavy bone with minimal kinetic energy lost. Then, after passing thru, it rebounds back to its original cutting shape ready to cut through soft tissue vitals. This unique flexibility, coupled with a very narrow cutting tip equates to delivering maximum penetration and very quick and lethal results. So lethal in fact, most animals don’t make it 50 yards from where they were standing when struck with the Atom.

Unlike fixed blade or mechanical broadheads, the Atom is field point accurate! Its titanium RazorWire provides the lowest cross sectional surface area exposed to the air, thus when in flight at any speed it will retain an identical impact point to that of your field point. And, if you don’t believe the company’s claim — try it out! The engineers at Arrowdynamic Solutions are so confident in the Atom broadhead’s field point accuracy, they back it up with a 100% money back guarantee!

For more information on the company’s full line of advanced, premium quality products, contact the Arrowdynamic Solutions at P.O. Box 806, Liberty Hill, TX 78643.

Telephone 512-515-6229 or visit

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