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Females spend 5.6 billion on footwear in 2008 for their favorite sports and activities

MOUNT PROSPECT, IL – Athletic and sport footwear purchased by females for their most popular sports and activities in 2008 accounted for $5.6 billion of the $10.1 billion in sales for footwear used in those activities, according to data contained in NSGA’s two primary research reports. The overall sport and athletic footwear market in 2008 is $17.2 billion.

Among the 39 sports surveyed by NSGA in the Association’s “Sports Participation Series I and II” reports, exercise walking attracted 59.3 million females age seven and older; swimming and exercising with equipment, 33.3 million each. Sports, recreational and fitness activities attracting more than 20 million females were aerobic exercising, 25.6 million; bowling, 24.8 million; camping (vacation/overnight), 23.4 million; and working out at club, 21.6 million. Attracting more than 10 million females were bicycle riding, 19.4 million; hiking, 18.9 million; running/jogging, 17.2 million; fishing, 13.7 million; weightlifting, 13.5 million; yoga, 12.9 million; power boating, 12.4 million; and billiards/pool, 12.0 million.

According to NSGA’s “The Sporting Goods Market in 2009,” females purchased 63% of the $4.2 billion in walking shoes ($2.6 billion) in 2008; 53% of the $2.3 billion in running/jogging shoes ($1.2 billion); 54.9% of the $1.6 billion in cross training shoes ($892.7 million); 30% of the $1.04 billion in hiking boots ($312.9 million); 63.3% of the $475 million in fitness shoes ($300.7 million); 82.2% of the $260 million in aerobics shoes ($213.7 million); 40% of the $59.7 million in cycling shoes ($23.9 million); 63.9% of the $54.3 million in bowling shoes ($34.7 million); and 40% of the $28.5 million in trail running shoes ($11.4 million).

“Women represent the majority of participants in most fitness activities,” NSGA Vice President of Information & Research Thomas B. Doyle said. “With the increased level of participation of females in sports and fitness activities, their footwear needs have moved beyond a sport look and require higher performance shoes that are designed for specific activities.”

“The Sporting Goods Market in 2009” contains information on average footwear prices, purchaser demographics and channels of distribution. Based on a consumer study of 80,000 U.S. households, the report summarizes 2008 retail sales totals – in units and dollars – for 22 types of athletic and sports shoes as well as products in more than 20 sport categories.

The report, which NSGA has published for nearly three decades, provides selected product sales history for the last 10 years. This allows the analysis of long-term trends. Brand share reports on individual shoe categories are available separately.

Irwin Broh Research, a company nationally recognized for its work in the sports and leisure field, prepared the 84-page report. Sustaining NSGA retailer/dealer members and manufacturer members receive the report free. For more information, contact the Dan Kasen in the NSGA Information Center, (847) 296-6742 ext 108, or e-mail: dkasen@nsga.org.

About NSGA:
NSGA, which has served the sporting goods industry since 1929, organizes and hosts the annual NSGA Management Conference & Team Dealer Summit, the sporting goods industry’s premier educational and networking event and the sporting goods industry’s longest continuously running event (Next: May 2-5, 2010, at Saddlebrook Resort/Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Fla.).

For more information on NSGA member services, visit the Association home page (www.nsga.org); call Darlene Plunkett at NSGA, (847) 296-6742, Ext. 131; e-mail:dplunkett@nsga.org; or fax (847) 391-9827.

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