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Guru Huntress: She should have named her decoy ‘Bruce’ … ‘cuz he’s ‘The Boss’ in the field

newnancyjo1When pursuing that trophy buck that you have your heart set on, getting him in close enough for that perfect shot can be the difference between a successful harvest and a failed hunt. One of the most overlooked methods is using decoys to draw in that trophy buck.

The Flambeau Master Series Boss Buck Whitetail Deer Decoy truly looks like a sculpted work of art with its lifelike features; and rightly so for the decoy was created by award winning sculptor C. W. Schiller. Unlike other decoys that are flimsy or flat, the 3-D effect of the 8-point, 130-class Boss Buck is not only awesome for its realism; it is also very sturdy with many added features.

The limbs are designed to twist lock for a firm base and stability with molded loops for pegging into the ground with wire tent pegs. The hind hocks are designed to use with Flambeau’s scent management program or to hold a scent pad of your choice and the front leg is designed to accept the electronic Invisi-Series game calls.

Flambeau Boss Buck 1One of the most convenient features of this decoy is that it breaks down and the limbs, head, ears and antlers store in the body cavity. A comfortable wide nylon carrying strap conveniently attaches to the decoy making it easy to carry in and out of the field.

I recently used the Flambeau Boss Buck decoy on a hunt in Kansas leading up to the rut and was amazed as to how many bucks, both subordinate and dominant, came into range by approaching the buck out of curiosity or looking for a fight. I witnessed a nice buck come into the decoy bristled up and looking for a fight. He circled the decoy and charged it from about five yards. The decoy did not fall over because I had the feet pegged into the ground with metal pegs. There was no doubt in my mind that the Boss Buck was so realistic that is fooled the attacking buck even at such close range.

Using a decoy not only gives you the advantage of getting game within that idea shooting range, it also allows you the opportunity to set up the for the perfect shot by keeping a buck’s attention on the decoy and keeping it from possibly spotting any hunter movement.

With the time and money that hunters are investing in the sport of deer hunting, it makes sense to use every advantage when in the field. Packing along a Flambeau Boss Buck will give you the added advantage you need in harvesting that trophy buck that is on your hit list.flambeau boss

The Flambeau Master Series Boss Buck Whitetail Deer Decoy is available through retailers who carry Flambeau products. Also available is the Master Series Boss Babe Whitetail Deer Decoy. Used in combination with each other it is sure to draw in trophy whitetail bucks as they won’t be able to resist approaching the realistic scene. You can read more about this product and see other fine products available from Flambeau Outdoor at http://www.flambeauoutdoors.com/.

~Nancy Jo Adams


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