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Free iPhone Application: Management and Success Tips from 'The Reactor Factor'

Busy professionals can now download free business management and success enhancement tips from The Reactor Factor, the latest title from best-selling author Marsha Petrie Sue.

Sue, a renowned personal development guru, business communications expert and professional speaker, has released a free iPhone application including 52 cards—one for every week of the year—adapted from her most recent book, The Reactor Factor: How to Handle Difficult Work Situations Without Going Nuclear (John Wiley & Sons, 2009; hardcover ISBN 978-0-470-49006-8).

“Entitlement attitudes are stifling innovation and success in the workplace,” said Sue. “I wrote The Reactor Factor to be a hands-on workbook to help readers respond affirmatively to the challenges of the modern workplace, instead of reacting,” she added.

The free download is an iTunes application, compatible with all iThings (iPhone or iPod Touch) running software version 2.0 or later. Once downloaded, the app is available with no Internet connection, so professionals on the go have access to all their favorite cards everywhere. The download URL is http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-reactor-factor-book/id345202252?mt=8

The iPhone app features:

• The most important & useful information synthesized from The Reactor Factor

• A gorgeous card stack interface that’s a pleasure to use

• Easy card skimming in landscape mode

With 52 lessons in this iPhone application, readers can start anywhere they like and work on one lesson each week of the year. This will help them with focus and discipline, supporting the goals for their business and personal lives.

Using real-world strategies, Sue shows managers and employees alike how to take personal responsibility for their work environments and take the lead in fostering teamwork, morale and success. In writing The Reactor Factor, Sue interviewed more than 45 successful leaders of both small and large organizations. Now her readers can put these leaders’ expertise to work enhancing their success.

Here’s an example:

Do what you should, not what you can. Todd Davis, LifeLock

Kick in your core values and use some heart and soul when making decisions. Train yourself to make decisions and move fast. Communicate well so when chaos hits, people will be informed and can watch your back. Always ask yourself, “Am I bringing value here?” If you’re not, why not?  Ask questions and listen for ideas and solutions.  Take action. Take risk.

Author Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA, CSP (aka “the Accountability Master” and “the Decontaminator of Toxic People”) is available for interviews.

Contact: Marsha@MarshaPetrieSue.com

480-661-8756 or toll-free at 866-661-8756

www.MarshaPetrieSue.com or www.ReactorFactorBook.com

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