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Gear Court: Zero negatives . . . so nice, bought it twice

Like firearms and radios, flashlights are essential tools for police officers.  There are many quality flashlights on the market and Streamlight is certainly one of them.  New officers are often astonished at the cost of flashlights, but they quickly overcome their sticker shock once they begin working the streets.  Personal safety is every officer’s objective and flashlights help achieve that goal. 

This past October I acquired the Streamlight Strion C4 LED. My first (and only) flashlight as a police officer was a Streamlight Stinger.  This light functioned flawlessly for 12 years. When it was time to replace it, I discovered the Strion.  It made an immediate, positive impression. 

My son had an instant attraction to this flashlight and couldn’t resist an opportunity to use it.  So, shortly after getting the Strion, my husband allowed our eight-year-old son to use it trick-or-treating.  Still shocked over my husband’s decision, I was informed that my son had lost my flashlight somewhere in our neighborhood.  I became panicked and left my house to search in the dark for it.  Unsuccessful in my endeavor, I returned home.  My husband must’ve recognized his error in judgment, and consoled me by announcing he had purchased a new light online.  I was grateful for the replacement and I knew that my son had made someone else’s day.

Streamlight offers a variety of flashlights.  The Strion C4 LED has a lot of appeal.  This light is more compact than the Stinger.  It is LED, so the bulb has a longer life than the Xenon, gas filled bi-pin bulb.  It is 5.9”, weighs 5.22 ounces, and is equipped with a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.  Other notable attributes of the Strion cited by Streamlight include: water resistance, impervious to shock, 50,000-hour lifetime, limited lifetime warranty, machined aircraft aluminum with anodized finish, Borofloat high temperature glass, anti-roll head, run times of up to 5.5 continuous hours, and various functioning modes to include: momentary, variable intensity: high, medium, low, or strobe.

There are several accessories available.  One unique accessory is the long gun rail mount.  The Strion C4 LED features a grooved barrel that adapts to this mount, locking it in securely.  This can be an obvious cost savings.  Also available for purchase are colored light filters.  Filters dim the output of light, which minimizes detection.  

I also favor the location of the push button on the end-cap.  Other models have placed it on the side of the barrel.  This can be cumbersome when firing a handgun in environments, which require illumination.  It can also affect one’s ability to successfully operate the light.  Additionally, it can affect stability and recoil management. 

Honestly, I have yet to find any negative characteristics of the Strion light.  I just hope I don’t have to buy it again.~Sara Ahrens


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