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NRA Law Enforcement Division celebrates 50th Anniversary

In 2010,  the 50th anniversary of the NRA’s Law Enforcement Division will be celebrated with the issue and sale of special items, such as a badge, challenge coin, pin and, new to this list,  a unique Model 10 Smith & Wesson service revolver.

“The NRA’s Law Enforcement Division has been proudly serving the law enforcement officers of America for 50 years,” said Glen Hoyer, Director of the Law Enforcement Division. “The Smith & Wesson revolver was the choice of law enforcement officers in 1960, whether it was for self-defense or competition, and is still serving today. It was the obvious choice as a commemorative firearm to showcase NRA Law Enforcement Division birth in 1960 and our 50 years of service.”

Read the complete story at http://www.friendsofnra.org/National.aspx?sid=0&cid=587

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