WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Warriors in High Heels: Don't Test Their Mettle!

This week’s Bloglight is from the Officer.com website in the Police Life category.  John Wills, a former Chicago police officer who is now retired from the FBI is a freelance writer,  author and contributor to various print and online law enforcement publications. In this blog post, he discusses women as police officers.  John’s verdict?

“Are there female cops who I absolutely would not work with? You bet, but I’ve also had my share of male officers who I wouldn’t go through a door with either. Our sisters in blue have proven that they belong. Anyone who questions their skills and abilities doesn’t have a clue. When they put that uniform on, get into that vest, and hitch up their duty belt, they rightly take their place on the front lines.”

Read his complete post on Officer.com and learn more about John on his website.

Sgt. Sanels Latarski, FRPD (NY)

Sgt. Sanela Latarski, FRPD (NY). Photo shows incongruity of a competent officer aiming an AR-style rifle... with painted nails.  Photo by John Wills. Used by permission.

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