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Adidas adds more to 'Bodymapping' technology line of outdoor clothes

Adidas Clima365 Core Tee. Retail $35.

This spring/summer, with the CLIMA365 range Adidas unveils a unique technology focusing in particular on women’s body temperature regulation. The BodyMapping technology is a breakthrough concept, defining female-specific heat and sweat zones in order to place fabrics directly where they are needed the most, delivering optimized function to provide maximum comfort during workout.

Whether cross-training, aerobics or training outdoors, when it comes to endurance training the most important factor is temperature regulation. In collaboration with the University of Loughborough, the adidas innovation team (ait) measured heat and sweat production of men and women after exercise using thermography. Based on this research,adidas is the only brand highlighting the importance of gender differences. “Our gender-specific bodymaps are an industry-leading tool showing the significant differences between men and women during exercise. Men and women sweat differently; bodies get warmer and cooler differently. The Bodymaps provide an advanced level of insight that allowsadidas to create the ultimate in comfort and functionality in performance garments,” says Bob Monahan, Senior Designer of the adidas innovation team.

In contrast to a man’s body, the female body maps show that most women’s heat zones are the centre of the back as well as the calves, whereas women’s core sweat zone is the midpoint beneath the breast and lower back. These gender-specific results are combined into one single map, indicating the different functionalities that are needed in each zone to facilitate evaporation, conduction or wicking. Based on these results, fabrics can be placed specifically to deliver optimised function to designated areas of the body, ensuring optimal performance 365 days of the year.

The CLIMA365 collection introduces the BodyMapping technology and focuses especially on the sweat zones of a woman’s body. By placing wicking materials in the area below the breasts and lower back, maximum comfort can be ensured since this will keep you dry without sacrificing potential heat loss.

The highlight outfit consists of the blue Clima Gym Image Tee (Art. No.: P44180) and the white, slim-fit Clima Track Top (Art. No.: P44129), both featuring the BodyMappingtechnology with ionic mesh in the back wicking zone. The black Clima Kickflare uses a mesh pattern in the lower back to protect you from sweat accumulation. The super-lightweight and flexible Clima 75 Trainer (Art. No.: G15438) completes the outfit, providing you with ventilation and moisture transport. Prices range from € 35 for the T-shirt to € 70 for the trainer.

The outfit is part of the new spring/summer 2010 Women’s collection, available in retail since December 2009 with several drop-in dates in stores where new concepts and colours are being introduced for an ultimate consumer experience.


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