WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Future Fisherman Foundation partners with 'Recycled Fish'

The future of fishing depends upon two things: that kids catch the passion for the sport, and that there are clean, healthy waters for them to fish 20 or 30 years from now. The Future Fisherman Foundation is committed not only to recruiting and retaining anglers, but to the stewardship of our lakes, streams and seas. That’s why we have partnered with Recycled Fish.

Recycled Fish is the national non-profit organization of “anglers living a lifestyle of stewardship, both on and off the water, because our lifestyle runs downstream.” In other words, they talk about on-the-water ethics like catch and release, selective harvest and cleaning up trash at our lakes, but they also talk about everyday stewardship – the stuff we put on our lawns or whether we have a low-flow showerhead – because, honestly, these things have just as much to do with the future of our fisheries as what we do on the water.

“We’re proud to stand with the Future Fisherman Foundation,” says executive director Teeg Stouffer. “The way they bring fishing into the classroom will have powerful effects on not just our sport, but on our environment and our culture. Kids need to be outdoors for their very development, and there is no activity better than fishing to undo the effects of ‘nature deficit disorder.’ Part of what they learn needs to be the mechanics of the sport, but we’re so proud that F3 is also teaching the stewardship side of fishing as well.”

To learn more about Recycled Fish, visit their website, www.recycledfish.org, where you’ll find a variety of excellent resources you can use in your programs.

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