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In the Industry: Arrowdynamic Solutions adds record-setting female hunter Joella Bates to its team of pro-staffers

The name Arrowdynamic Solutions® has become synonymous with advanced premium quality broadheads since the introduction of its remarkable solution for bringing down the most challenging game — the Atom™ broadhead. And, since no one knows more about bringing down challenging and dangerous game more than the first woman in the world to arrow Africa’s Big 5, Joella Bates — it makes perfect sense that the company has added the record-setting female hunter to its expanding team of pro-staffers.

Bates is a hardcore hunter at the heart, having spent the majority of her life in the great outdoors, compiling outdoor and wildlife conservation credentials that include 42 years of hunting and 20 years of archery and bowhunting experience. Since Bates got the bowhunting ‘bug’ in 1989, she’s taken 100 animals and 60 different species with her bow. Adding to her impressive list of accolades, in May of 2001 she became the first woman to take an African Cape Buffalo with only a bow and arrow. Several similar industry ‘first’ titles soon followed, including the first woman to take a Turkey Grand Slam — all preparing her to tackle her life-time dream of taking on Africa’s Big 5 (elephant, leopard, rhino, cape buffalo and lion). And she did more than tackle, she triumphed during her month-long safari — taking down not one, two or three of the most dangerous big game animals in the world, but all five! This record-breaking feat awarded her the title of the first woman to take the Big 5 in Africa with a bow.

Bates’ life-changing adventure began with a 30-mile, 10-hour stalk zigzagging across the Kalahari Desert, when her first of five targets (a lioness) was coming at her in full charge. Bates was at full-draw a mere 6.5 yards from the roaring lioness when she shot her arrow tipped with the Atom broadhead — successfully piercing the lioness straight through the heart.

The thrilling and danger-filled adventure didn’t stop there. Her determination prevailed as she continued to dominate this competition between woman and beast one animal at a time — going on to successfully shoot an elephant, a cape buffalo and a white rhino with her bow. She wrapped up her African journey by taking down a leopard at 16 ½ yards with the help of her Atom broadhead.

“I went into the hunt with extreme confidence knowing that the Atom broadhead would do the job,” says Bates.  “In all of my shooting career, I have never had such great success with any other broadhead.”

Bates was introduced to the Atom broadhead more than two years ago, and like several other hard-core hunters, was suspicious of its remarkable claims of field-point accuracy, complete penetration and lethal results.  “To say I was skeptical was an understatement. However, after trying it for myself during a hog hunt, I was amazed!  I achieved a virtually identical impact point to that of my field points — resulting in extremely good penetration and a complete pass thru,” Bates added.

The Atom broadhead provides superior penetration and amazing accuracy no other broadhead can match thanks to its compressible RazorWire™ technology. This same innovative technology allowed Bates to shoot a 300lb 10-point buck, and watch it fall over seconds after impact. Bates has seen first-hand how this new technology can deliver powerful results. And, you can too — no matter what situation you’re in, or what problems you’re facing with your bow, the Atom broadhead’s unique design will pull through with precision every time.

To learn more about Joella Bates, and to order the exceptional, heart-stopping documentation of her Africa journey on DVD “Closer than Close”, visit www.joellabates.com.

For more information on the Atom broadhead or the company’s new partnership with Joella Bates, contact the Arrowdynamic Solutions at P.O. Box 806, Liberty Hill, TX 78643. Telephone 512-515-6229 or visit www.arrowds.com.

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