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Camp Wild Girls and Prois Hunting Apparel Partner to Launch the Camp Wild Girls Home Hunting Party!

After much anticipation, Prois Hunting & Field Apparel and Camp Wild Girls announce the launch of the Camp Wild Girls Home Hunting Party- featuring Prois Hunting Apparel. Camp Wild Girls CEO, Terri Lee Pocernich and Prois Hunting & Field Apparel CEO, Kirstie Pike have burned the midnight oil bringing this program to fruition. “This was an idea that quickly snowballed into a fantastic sales and marketing possibility,” states Terri Lee Pocernich.

The Camp Wild Girls Hunting Party is a home-based party plan with rewards for the hostess. Home Hunting Parties are scheduled through approved Hunting Party Representatives in the homes of interested hostesses. Friends, family, neighbors and any other hunting and outdoor enthusiasts are invited to an afternoon or evening of fun. All Prois Hunting Apparel and Camp Wild Girls gear are available to discuss, view and try on. Hostesses are eligible for great discounts on gear. Hunting Party Representatives receive party commission incentives and income which is a great bonus in this hurting economy. Best of all, women with similar interests are able to gather with comfort and camaraderie to discuss what they love best.hunting and the outdoors! “We are very excited to work together to bring these great products right into the homes of our customers while working hard within the hunting community to spark signs of life in the economy.” explains Pike. The idea is catching on fast. “We already have a large number of Hunting Party Representative applications, and we are just going live with the program,” mentions Pocernich, “We are thrilled about the response!”.

For more information about the Camp Wild Girls Hunting Party- featuring Prois Hunting & Field Apparel, email inquiries to party@campwildgirls.com. As well, you may logon to www.campwildgirls.com and click on “Hunting Party”.

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