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New magazine launched for food-focused outdoors person

(March 30, 2010, Sacramento, CA) –  Power Media announced today that the first edition of its latest magazine, Cooking Wild – Hunt, Fish, Forage, Feast, will be available at the end of April.  Created to bridge the gap from the field to the table, each issue will cover things important to the food-focused outdoors person — hunters, anglers and foragers alike.

Cooking Wild Magazine is dedicated to helping improve and expand the wild cooking arsenal of home chefs everywhere. This new quarterly printed magazine will be loaded with tips, techniques and recipes from experts and home chefs from across the country.  Available nationwide at the end of April, for a limited time interested subscribers can try it risk free.

Cooking Wild’s Editorial Director, Andy Donald, explained, “We’ve always loved to cook the food that we bring home ourselves.  Be it hunting, fishing, foraging, or even our backyard garden.  We combined this love with the desire to increase awareness and expand people’s knowledge of cooking wild game, fish, foragables, etc.  To put it simply the magazine is going to answer the question, “You killed it, now what?”  Cooking Wild is here to help!”

For more information and to subscribe risk free, visit them online at www.cookingwildmagazine.com.

Sarah Swenty
Associate Editor
Cooking Wild Magazine

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