Can you hear it?

When we’re videoing taping at a Babes with Bullets™ camp, capturing good audio is a real challenge. The wind is our greatest enemy, but also, there are numerous conversations going on in the background along with gunfire.

I have found a good shotgun mic with a wind suppressor (dubbed the squirrel) is probably the best tool for capturing those quick sound bites after a woman runs a stage or even that to pick up an interview on the fly.

Just put that shotgun mic on the camera and leave it on, changing batteries about every five hours, or when needed. Sony also puts out a wireless mic, ECM HW1 that works well for us. It does have an auto suppressor, which means it shuts down when there’s a loud noise. It comes back to normal pretty fast but if the person is talking continuously, you’ll miss a few words. This mic is either used with the shot gun mic for a two-camera interview or where there’s no gunfire. ~ Marilyn Vogel,

Marilyn Vogel has been an Arizonian since 1961. She spent the first 30 years of her adult life in the banking and accounting business. In 2002 she was introduced to USPSA action pistol shooting by Deb Ferns (Babes with Bullets) and became a big fan of the new sport. She also found that she loved being behind a camera, starting out with still photos back in the ’70s and then graduating to video in the ’90s. When video editing became available on the Apple computer in 2003, she was hooked and haven’t lost any of the passion since. Since 2005, she has had the privilege of partnering and being mentored by ProVideos 4U, a Tucson-based full video production company owned and operated by her brother, Bob Martin. She adds, “I’ve enjoyed traveling with the Babes with Bullets camps, filming and editing the wonderful stories that come from these camps.” You can see Marilyn’s work at

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