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Plano solves the spinnerbait dilemma for tackleboxes

Springtime and spinnerbaits go hand in hand, with the flashy wire-framed lures being an especially good choice for early season bass on those days when a stiff breeze is blowing and waters might have a little more color than usual due to wind or run-off.

However, keeping up with spinnerbaits among your tackle selection can be a challenge … especially if you don’t have a designated place to put them. Misshapen spinnerbaits that have become deformed from improper storage can be difficult to restore to working condition or even broken while trying to fix. As a general rule, spinnerbaits just don’t fit well into traditional tackleboxes, or at least they didn’t until now.

As usual, Plano®, the leader in tacklebox designs, has come up with a solution so that even the most casual weekend anglers will know exactly where to keep and find spinnerbaits among their tackle. Plano has three models of tray boxes that have a built-in spinnerbait rack to hold the baits securely and for easy access.

The patented Plano spinnerbait rack consists of a six-bait compartment that will accommodate most sizes of spinnerbaits and all blade styles. The baits go into the compartment with heads down and the line tie up. Then, by pressing the blade arm of each bait down until it fits into a notch in the vertical dividers of the rack, the baits are held securely in place under their own wire “spring” tension.

The single-tray model 6101 tacklebox has the spinnerbait rack integrated into the top right side of the tray and holds up to six spinnerbaits. The box measures 14″ long x 8.25″ wide x 7.25″ high. Its open storage area below the tray has plenty of room for packaged baits as well as pliers, sinkers, hooks, etc. The box looks great in its red metallic and off-white color combination, and is a real value retailing for around $11.99.

Plano model 6102 is a two-tray box providing even more bait storage compartments, plus has the integrated spinnerbait rack on each side of the top tray to hold as many as 12 spinnerbaits total. The box measures 14.25″L x 8.5″W x 7.75″H. The box is available in blue metallic and off-white color combination, as well as in a lady’s version that is pink and periwinkle. Both styles retail for around $13.99 each.

For anglers with lots of gear, or for families with several fishing members, the perfect tackle storage solution is the Plano three-tray box, model 6103. It, too, has the unique spinnerbait storage rack built into both ends of the top tray. As a result, up to 12 spinnerbaits can be held separately and securely for convenient storage and easy access. The 6103 measures 16.25″L x 9.125″W x 8.5″H. The box is green metallic and off-white in color, and sells for about $17.99.

All three Plano models feature the durable, long-lasting molded construction for which the brand is famous. Latches are brass and strong for positive closure.

For more information on these and other Plano tackleboxes, visit PlanoMolding.com

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