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Guru Huntress: She really likes the trifecta of diaphragm calls — Quaker Girl Mini Mag 3 Pack

One of the biggest issues that women have with diaphragm turkey calls is finding one that actually fits properly.  Typically the structure of the roof palate (palatum durum) in females is narrower and higher than that of males. The roof palate is bound by the alveolar arches and gums. The alveolar arches, the hard portions of the roof palate, are not forgiving to metal frames that calls are made with if they are too wide. For women, even after trimming the tape on most calls, the frame is still too large to fit properly.

There are several companies that offer a smaller frame, often called youth or small frame. Quaker Boy has come out with a new line of calls designed specifically for women. The Quaker Girl turkey product line includes slate calls, box calls, coffin calls and diaphragm calls; all in hot pink. I found all of the turkey products to be of exceptional quality—but one product really impressed me above all other brands that I have tried.

The product I found most impressive was the Quaker Girl Mini Mag series diaphragm calls with the extra small frame. Not only did this diaphragm calls fit perfectly without having to trim the tape, the frame was perfect in depth and width. I instantly made perfect yelps, clucks and purrs with it. The actual diaphragm call that I field tested was the Old Boss Hen which had a good raspy tone.

I had to have more of these calls so I ordered the Mini Mag 3 Pack. The 3 Pack included the Beginners Double, Old Boss Hen and the V Cut; which included a handy plastic case for carrying and storing. The HOT pink tape made it easy to pick out the call from the carrying case in the low light of morning. All three calls were superior in sound and quality.

The mini frame allowed for the perfect air sealing capabilities and different pitches were easily emitted from the call. I was amazed at the proper sounds and cadence I was getting from these calls. The Old Boss Hen has two medium reeds with the top reed having two side slits allowing for a raspier call. The Mag V incorporates three thin reeds with the top reed having a V slit capable of making soft or loud calls easily. The Beginners Double is a great call for novice callers with a forgiving reed set-up.

The 3 Pack are $14.99 and the single calls are $6.99 each. The entire line of Quaker Girl products can be seen at www.quakerboy.com. If you have given up on learning how to use a diaphragm call or thought that you couldn’t use one; give this one a try first before throwing in the towel. I think you will be amazed at the ease of using a diaphragm call is when the call actually fits properly. ~Nancy Jo Adams

Read more about Nancy Jo’s adventures afield at her blog, Shenanigans from the Field. Seehttp://njadams1.wordpress.com/

Endorsement Disclosure: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, this product review is an endorsement and the writer was compensated by “in-kind” payment to review the product.

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