My daddy went to an outdoor bloggers' seminar and all I got was …

Little Elsie Braaten, 23-month-old daughter of outdoor blogger Jim Braaten, didn’t mind that her daddy brought home some swag in the form of BLACKHAWK! boots! Elsie popped them on her little feet and almost stood still long enough for this photo.

Photo by Jim Braaten.

Says her daddy,”You might find this cute.   She let out a scream this morning when I told her daddy’s going fishing tomorrow.   I didn’t have the heart to tell her she’s going with mommy this weekend, instead, for her aunt’s surprise 50th birthday party.   Elsie does already have her own Barbie fishing rod/reel and when she was just six months old daddy bought her a pink .22 Cricket for Christmas.   Someday soon she’ll be an outdoors kid.   Right now she’s only 23 months old … so I figure there’s still plenty of time.”

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