And the winner is …

Stephanie and Tony Hood will have to share the first package of goodies in the “Find the Guru Huntress’s Truck” contest. They spotted the Guru’s truck, aka Nancy Jo Adams’ ride complete with back window large decal, in a parking lot in Jemison, Ala., and were the first to notify us. Nancy put together a super prize package for the Hoods that includes a backpack, binoculars, bow quiver, hip quiver, broadheads, deer attractant, marinade kit, lotion, jewelry, shirts, hats and several other great items – with an MSRP of $500.

For the first contest, the Guru Huntress photographed Tony Hood and his wife, Stephanie, as Tony photographed her truck! Photo courtesy of Nancy Jo Adams.

Keep looking … and if you spot the Guru Huntress’s truck, send us a photo of it and tell us a little about yourself, too. For the next round, we want to see if you can spot it in Montgomery in August or at one of the other places (states) she mentions. According to the Guru, “I’ll be at the Buckmasters Expo in Montgomery in August, Minnesota and Florida in September, Kansas in November, Iowa in December and only the wind knows where else in between!”

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About the winners … by the winners …

My name is Stephanie Hood and my husband’s name is Tony Hood. We are two people that love the outdoors and we both hunt and fish – really anything in season! Tony and I own guns and hunt with them and that is all I have used, but Tony has a bow and I want to get one so we can both shoot together and hunt the whole season instead of just gun season. I have a bow in mind and will have to get it real soon so I can get out there with him and we can shoot together. I want to learn as well cause it looks fun to do as a team.

Stephanie and Tony Wood will share the $500 prize package for being the first to spot the Guru Huntress's truck.

We are friends with Nancy Jo on Facebook, as well been fans of hers on The WON. We saw where she was going to the QDMA Show in Kentucky and we were headed back from town and I spotted the Guru Huntress Truck sitting at the Chevron in Jemison Ala. We turned in and took the picture and she came out of the store and saw us. Nancy Jo is an amazing lady to meet and a joy to talk to. I wanted to thank The WON and Nancy Jo for putting this together for everyone to have an opportunity to win such an awesome prize. I sure hope that there are others watching as we did for the GURU HUNTRESS truck in order to become a winner as we did. … as you could be the next lucky winner and meet a truly wonderful lady. ~ Stephanie Hood

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