WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Shotgun Life Review: Ithaca's Model 37 Pump with Ladies Stock

Photo courtesy of Shotgun Life.

Hollywood has gone to great lengths to make the pump totally macho. One shuck from the good guy, and the bad boys run for cover. Well, what happens when the pump gun goes female? That’s we wanted to find out with the first review of the Ithaca Model 37 With Ladies Stock. Ithaca went to great pains to find out the best dimensions for this type of bird gun and then cut some walnut to fit. In our Peer Review, some experienced women shooters tell you what they think of the two versions we shot. Even our Publisher, Irwin Greenstein, felt comfortable enough in his masculinity to shoot them. Check out our story by clicking on http://www.shotgunlife.com.

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