Warriors in High Heels Part II: How do their deaths affect society?

Back in January of this year, we featured John Wills’ blog post on the officer.com website, “Warriors in High Heels: Don’t Test Their Mettle!” As a former Chicago police officer, John offered his opinion of women as police officers. You can read our original Bloglight for that opinion.

We are featuring John’s latest blog post about other Warriors in High Heels, the women who serve in combat in our United States armed forces. We all hear the debate about whether or not a woman’s place is on the battlefield and each side is passionate about their reasons for and against.  John’s response to women in combat?

“If you’ve ever seen an angry female bear defending her family, you have an idea of how ferocious our warriors in high heels can become. We need them on the front lines.”

If you’re on either side of the issue, or if you’re just curious about John’s reason for supporting a woman’s right to serve in combat, take some time and read his post on officer.com.

Photo by John M. Wills

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